A Reader's Opinion: WICKED HIGHLAND WISHES by Julie Johnstone


Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts, Book 2


Can a legendary warrior and strong-willed young woman find the love they deserve?

Julie Johnstone has a talent for blending passion, terror and hope into one story. Lachlan MacLeod is an honorable and fierce warrior who is brought to his knees in love with Bridgette but there are forces keeping them apart. Bridgette is young and independent and her bravado gets her into trouble. She wants to be treated equal to a man but Lachlan is the only one who seems to believe she is capable. Family honor and obligations "force" Lachlan and Bridgette to make decisions they may regret.

This is book two but I did not feel like I came in the middle of a story, which I appreciated. I did feel like many of the decisions the characters had to face could have been avoided. The author touches on a delicate and difficult subject that is not often found or liked in a romance novel but I thought she did well with it. My only complaint about the incident is the timing, which took away from the happily-ever-after feeling I wanted so much. I will say that in the end, Lachlan remained my favorite character in this story.

Star Rating: 3 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Kaylie Morgan



Desire tempted them. Honor forbade them. Love ensnared them. Legendary warrior Lachlan MacLeod has never encountered anything or anyone he could not conquer. But when his younger brother confesses his love for Bridgette MacLean—the only woman Lachlan has ever wanted—Lachlan turns away from the beautiful Scottish lass, vowing to be no more than her friend. Yet his need for Bridgette enslaves him and may well prove to be the one thing he cannot defeat. Fiercely independent Bridgette longs to be treated as an equal to the men. She always imagined great battles in her future, not great love. Then Lachlan saw her as no one ever had and captured her heart, awakening new cravings inside her without realizing it. But when Lachlan’s younger brother suffers a grave injury while saving her life, she feels unable to deny his plea for her heart. However, it is impossible to give what belongs to another… Torn between their own desire and their loyalties, Bridgette and Lachlan must find the courage to grasp the passion awaiting them and face the pain their choice will cause. Yet even as they confront their future and love finally seems within their grasp, a fight for the Scottish throne divides the Highland clans and Bridgette becomes a pawn in a political game that threatens to tear her and Lachlan apart forever.

Print Length: 285 pages

Publication Date: October 10, 2016

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher.


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