A Reader's Opinion: RESTLESS SEA LORD by Elizabeth Rose

Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series Book 1


Cambria, 1366 From Vengeance and Strife Legends are Born. Three brothers band together for vengeance runs deep in their veins! Triplets born and meant to die at birth by their superstitious father the King. Rowen the Restless, Rook the Ruthless, and Reed the Reckless, are destined to be legends as their mother had professed. But a devastating secret was revealed that changed the course of their lives. Lady Cordelia, a widow, plans to entice the king with her dowry to allow her the choice of her next spouse—preferably someone young—but alas, plans have a way of being thwarted.

A chance meeting with a handsome blonde rogue at an inn, piques her curiosity and she follows him. It doesn't take Cordelia long to realize he's the Demon Thief! Rowen has no choice but to kidnap the bewitching Cordelia. He steals a kiss . . . and more. She's definitely gotten under his skin!

A plot is in the works and with Cordelia as the pawn, will Rowen win the game? Can he betray his brothers and accept the King's terms? Will his destiny be fulfilled?

Follow Rowen and Cordelia on the journey to their happily ever after. Elizabeth Rose is a sensational author who never disappoints!

Reviewer's Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 4 Hearts | Reviewed by: Maria Rose Dariotis


Rowen the Restless is one of the bastard triplets of King Edward III. At birth, the king ordered them killed, fearing the superstitions of triplets being evil spawns of the devil who would only bring him bad luck. However, someone didn't want the babies to die, and the boys' lives were saved in secret. Now, over two decades later, Rowen and his brothers, Rook and Reed, are out for vengeance on the man who sired them and wanted them dead. Finally finding out the truth of being the English king's bastards on the night of Burnt Candlemas ten years earlier, the young boys' lives changed drastically as they were split apart in the turmoil that devastated their homeland of Scotland. Being stolen and raised by pirates, Rowen now commands a ship and works with his brothers who live in the crypts and the hills, to steal from the king and bring the riches to the Scots instead. No one knows that the legendary Demon Thief who manages to always disappear before he is caught, and who can even change his hair color from blond to red to black, is not one man, but three brothers, each with a small army of their own. Lady Cordelia of Whitehaven is a young widow who wants nothing more than to have children. She happens to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and before she knows it, she's been taken captive by a pirate who has stolen her dowry that she plans on using to convince the king to let her marry a new husband of her own choosing. The sea captain is handsome and exciting, and protects her from being ravaged by his crew. While he's mysterious, Cordelia realizes he is very restless and has deep, dark secrets that disturb him. She hopes to uncover the secrets of the restless sea lord because she sees a noble man trapped inside, making him more of a prisoner than her.

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