A Reader's Opinion: WAITING FOR THE LAIRD by Willa Blair

Ian must convince Lara she and her twins are the future he truly wants.


Willa Blair has outdone herself! I just finished reading Waiting for the Laird, written by Willa Blair. This author has done it again! I got so captivated as soon as I started turning the pages—from the first page until the very end. A real page turner! This story was fantastic! This author is a high quality writer who knows how to pull you into her story with words flowing. I could feel Ms. Blair's interest in the history and tales of Scotland. When you start this novel, you won't be able to stop. This Scottish tale tells the story of young widow, Lara, and her two nine years old twins, Amy and Alexander, who will play an important part in this story, and of course, Ian, the handsome architect. Their story is mainly set in a Scottish Cairn Dubh Manor that holds secrets, Scottish artifacts, and even maybe a ghost! Lara hired Ian to help her to restore the older parts of the manor, but as they spend more time together, their relationship will grow. Is Ian truly the man he appears to be? Is he hiding a secret? Will Lara find out Cairn Dubh's history? Let's say that while renovating the old ruins, they discover the unexpected, that might change Lara, Ian, and the twin's lives forever! I won't tell you the rest to keep the mystery going. Beautiful sweet chemistry between Lara and Ian. It's so refreshing to follow their relationship and watch it grow with kisses here and there, then a journey of teasing and seducing begins with a beautiful and unexpected ending! I have to say that Ms. Blair is a talented storyteller of Scottish tales. I had so much fun reading Waiting for the Laird, knowing now that it really reflects Lara and Ian's sweet and romantic story. I'm never disappointed with the author's Scottish adventures! I truly enjoyed every minute of it!

Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure

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Widow Lara MacLaren hungers for the hunky architect she hires to restore her derelict Scottish manor, but is she ready for a relationship...and is Ian ready for her twins? Ian Paterson is eager to awaken Lara's passionate side. Yet, if he reveals his ancestral claim to her estate, he risks losing her and his job. His clan’s history, lost over the years, may be hidden in the walls—along with a ghost waiting for the laird's return. When they uncover a room full of Jacobite treasure, proof of his ancestry, Ian realizes he’s out of time. If the ghost is real, it could expose his secret and destroy his romance with Lara. Ian must convince her she and her twins are the future he truly wants.

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc

Publication Date: October 19, 2016

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