A Reader's Opinion: SCANDALOUS REDEMPTION by Amanda Mariel


Ladies and Scoundrels, Book Three


Amanda Mariel knows how to deliver a heartwarming and sensual love story!

Lady Claudia Ackford has not been lucky in love! She's been tricked into marriage and denied the man she's loved. Lord Luvington has been physically and emotionally abused, and Lady Claudia hasn't lived a normal life since she married the man she calls husband.

FREE! She's finally free after years shackled to the devil! She's celebrating by getting intoxicated. If only she can get over the scandal that follows her since that fateful day she barrelled into Lord and Lady Luvington's townhouse declaring her love for him! Widowed, she chooses to live a life of her own choosing and that means only one thing She.Will.Never.Marry! She doesn't need a husband . . . though perhaps a lover.

Lord Henry Shillinton is not quite the rogue, slightly clumsy, the quiet type with smouldering eyes that tempt you to sin. The Luvingtons are his friends and after Lady Luvington helped him get over a rejected suit, he can't betray her. Claudia knew she shouldn't have drank that much until she realized the wall she stumbled upon is a man. Ever the gentleman, Henry can't leave a damsel in distress he accompanies her in the garden. The connection is instantaneous after the scorching kiss Claudia bestows upon his lips! Henry realizes that the sensuous lips and kiss belong to the notorious, scandalous Lady Claudia Akford! Their connection is strong enough between them to warrant her his friendship, but it can never be more. The friendship blossoms into something more, but can Claudia let go of her past? He can't seem to let her go for she's gotten under his skin. He knows she's been hurt and he's willing to wait for her forever, but he can't accept her offer to be his mistress. Henry has a secret that could destroy everything, but is he willing to reveal it to Claudia? Or will the scandal that follows her be the ending of everything that could be theirs? Follow Henry and Claudia as they navigate their emotional hurts, for in the end of their struggles is the prize!

Reviewer's Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 3 Hearts | Reviewed by: Maria Rose Dariotis



She never wanted him… Ruined by scandal, Claudia Akford survived years of marriage to a cruel brute. Widowed, she is determined to regain her standing in society, but Lord Shillington personifies temptation. Kind and gentle, yet masculine and sinfully handsome, he would make the perfect lover, but he wants more than she is willing to give. He needed her… While Henry Shillington knows a little of the beautiful but notorious Lady Claudia Akford, he is struck by her kindhearted, accomplished, and witty demeanor. The more time he spends in her company, the more he dreams of a future with her. But the lady resists his honorable overtures, and a mistress will never do for him. Can two wary people overcome past hurts, an old scandal, and social strictures to embrace true love?

Print Length: 149 pages

Publication Date: May 31, 2016

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher.


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