A Reader's Opinion: THE TROUBLE WITH ROSES by Màiri Norris


An unorthodox woman with a restless spirit… In her youth, Evarette D’Auvrecher was nicknamed the “restless fire” child. Now a woman grown, she retains that fiery nature. Many men seek her hand in marriage. They want her beauty, generous dower and an alliance with her influential family. They expect from her a meek spirit and implicit obedience - the hallmarks of a proper noblewoman - but she hungers for a man who desires her for herself. Meets a warrior with a sense of inadequacy - and a slightly misplaced sense of humor. Sir Javain d’Olgeanc is a powerful knight whose strength lies in battle strategy and the leadership of warriors. Then his father falls ill and he is called home to care for and protect hearth, home - and heaven forbid, helpless, defenseless innocents - a task for which he has little training. To make matters worse, he must manage this feat while falling in love with an unconventional beauty and staying one step ahead of a murderer. Fate brings them together. Sensual attraction binds them. But they might well kill each other before love can claim them.


Enjoyable Read! This is the first time that I read a book written by Màiri Norris ! The Trouble with Roses is a short novel filled with intrigue, adventure and romance. I liked the characters Evarette and Javain. The plot is well developed and filled twists & turns, treachery and betrayal. The Trouble with Roses is the third story in the Ballads of the Roses series. Since I love historical romances with a touch of Medieval, I decided to give this author a chance to discover her style of writing. This author has a very descriptive way with details, which makes this tale more fascinating.

Evarette is a feisty woman in search of a man who will desire her for herself and soon, Javain, warrior knight, enters her life. Will destiny reunite these two against all odds? Just follow their journey!

Reviewer's Rating: 4 Stars | Content Rating: 3 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure


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