A Reader's Opinion: LOVE'S LEGACY by Amanda Mariel


Can love’s legacy bring two war weary souls together? Drawn by a flicker of light coming from the ruins of Babylon Castle, Rebecca Sumerfield is driven to investigate. The last thing she expects to find is the castle’s owner, a Captain in the British Army. Still devastated from her brother’s death in battle, she despises all things military. Having survived Waterloo, Captain Camden Le Bec isn’t in the market for romance. He stops at Babylon Castle, the perfect place to gather his thoughts, only for the spirited Rebecca to storm his castle and demand he leave at once. Her fearless defiance and selfless heart awaken a desire Camden has never known. He’s determined to possess her, but Rebecca refuses to risk another broken heart. Will they find solace in each other’s arms, or has war pushed them both beyond any hope?


Babylon Castle is a medieval ruin that has been in Camden Le Bec's family for hundreds of years. Having survived Waterloo, he feels the need to recoup before he heads home to his family, and finds himself at Babylon.

Rebecca Summerfield is broken-hearted over her brother's death at Waterloo, and has sworn never to marry a soldier—EVER. She's drawn to Babylon Castle which borders her parents' estate. She's able to view the ruins from her bedroom window. Many times she's walked the castle walls wondering what secrets it holds. A flickering light in the distant castle draws her attention, and she vows to investigate. She never expected to find a trespasser—a good looking trespasser—and her heart tripped, stopped beating and resumed!

Camden can't believe his eyes, at first he thought she was a figment of his imagination! He was hit hard with the sudden driving need to make her his. Will Rebecca let her fears destroy her chance at love? Can Camden fight for her and make her realize that love is worth fighting for? Even though this was a short story, it had all the sweetness of a wonderful romance. Rebecca and Camdon really have great chemistry!

Amanda Mariel really does a great job in writing sweet romance that's perfect for young readers who want a taste of the beautiful world of romance.

Reviewer's Rating: 4 Stars | Content Rating: 2 Hearts | Reviewed by: Maria Rose Dariotis



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