Poem: "Highway to the Glaciers" by Verna Cole Mitchell

Highway to the Glaciers

by Verna Cole Mitchell

In memory do I recall

Pictures, painted on my heart

As we traveled to the top

Of Canada's Glacier Highway.

Two rivers meet and travel side by side

Til finally, they merge.

White water races sunlight

Down rugged canyon sides.

Treacherous rocks,

Jutting from swift streams,

Await unwary rafters.

Trees, like an old man's beard,

Stubble the mountainside.

Sand villages of wind's design

Appear to be deserted.

Trains chug along tunnel trestles

Through granite walls.

Hills of slag stand and wait

For winter's icy hand to grip the roads.

A tiny green church nestles prayerfully

Deep inside a green valley.

An antlered buck stands tall

Against a sagebrush landscape.

Communities of brilliant waterfalls

Cascade with a roaring rush.

Big-horned sheep families

Nimbly traverse jagged cliffs.

Mountain goats share the highway

With caravans of cars,

Loaded logging trucks

And out-of-breath cyclists.

Beyond pink-tufted plants

And carpets of dainty white flowers,

Hardy hikers climb steep trails.

Mountains, sculpted by ice floe,

Form the backdrop

For quaint little towns.

Poem from Word Tapestry, a book of poetry by Verna Cole Mitchell.

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