Brody: Letters of Fate

by Paty Jager

The Book

Historical western filled with steamy romance and the rawness of a growing country.


A letter from a grandfather he’s never met has Brody Yates escorted across the country to work on a ranch rather than entering prison. But his arrival in Oregon proves prison may have been the lesser of two evils. A revenge driven criminal, the high desert, and his grandfather’s beautiful ward may prove more dangerous than anything he’d faced on the New York docks. 

Lilah Wells is committed to helping others: the judge who’d taken her in years ago, the neighboring children, and the ranch residents, which now includes the judge’s handsome wayward grandson. And it all gets more complicated when her heart starts ruling her actions.

Series: Letters of Fate

A Reader's Opinion 

I would like to say that I loved this book, Brody, but I really preferred the first two stories, Davis and Isaac. If you like western romance, then Brody's own story will surely please you. It's a sweet historical country story about finding love and happiness.

This novel is set in 1891, Oregon. It tells the story of Brody, a little bit of a bad boy who will get a second chance to redeem himself! Instead of being sent to prison, the judge sentences him to work on a cattle ranch in Oregon where lives his grandfather. Brody hasn't seen him in several years and is quite happy to be able to help him, but he didn't plan to meet sweet Lilah. She loves to help others, especially children like Rosie, Dooley, Amelia. But when things get rough around her, Brody will come to her rescue! Just follow Brody and Lilah's journey filled with twists and turns.

Paty Jager really captured the essence of the country life during that period of time. This story is a delight to read, a quick read, with a well-developed plot blended with charming characters.


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Reviewed By: Nicole Laverdure

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