One Heart to Give

by Dawn Brower

The Book

When tragedy strikes Dani's business partner, it brings Ren back into her life. She'd thought she moved past her feelings for him, but with one glance they come flooding back.

Growing up as an orphan, Daniella Brosen has trouble connecting with other people. She has no room for anyone in her life, except her best friend, Rendall Sousa.He is the only male she's ever loved, or will love.Circumstances beyond her control tear them apart, and she has no choice but to leave him behind.

When Daniella left without a word it broke Ren's heart.If she'd given him a chance, he'd have told her how much he loved her. Dani was everything to him, but she made her choice. There was only one course of action left to him--move on without her.

As their lives become intertwined again, can Ren convince her he's always loved her or will she push him away forever? 

Series: Heart's Intent, Book One

A Reader's Opinion 

A romantic story of second chances!

I have really enjoyed two stories written by Dawn Brower, but this time, with One Heart to Give, the first story in the Heart's Intent series, this author has truly outdone herself on the emotional side. This romantic contemporary is so touching that it will take you on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs; you'll feel sad, and wish for hope and happiness for the two main characters. Give this story a chance You won't be disappointed! 


It tells the story of Daniella Brosen, an orphan who felt rejected and became very selective when choosing her friends. Until one day, a beautiful friendship blooms between her and her dear friend Rendall Sousa, but sadly, he wasn't hers to love—he belonged to another. Feeling hurt again, she left him to make a fresh start. Ten years later, destiny brings them back together. When they meet again, they discover that the power of attraction is mutual and very much alive. Ren had loved Dani so much that he had never forgotten her. Will she leave again? Can a new relationship be possible after ten years? Will they get a second chance? Will they forgive, trust and understand each other in order to move on with their lives? Will sparks flare and ignite another beautiful passion? Beautiful surprise ending that I didn't expect!

One Heart to Give is emotional, touching, very well written and so romantic! I really recommend it! Be sure to watch for her next story, Unveiled Heart.

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Reviewed By: Nicole Laverdure

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